Panier des Sens Rose Liquid Marseille Soap

Panier des Sens Rose Liquid Marseille Soap

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Rose... the symbol of love, the god's flower, embodying beauty and the fragility of life. Its luxurious perfume captivates the senses. Panier des Sens Rose liquid soap gently cleanses to help preserve the skin’s natural balance. Rich in rose essential oil, an ingredient that is sought-after for its regenerating, soothing and toning properties to help heal damaged skin.


A draught of velvety Roses for feminity, white musks and cedarwood for a breath of fresh air and romance.


‐ 97% natural
‐ 100% recycled and recyclable packaging
‐ Vegan friendly
‐ Cruelty free
‐ Made in France
‐ 500ml